• QiuAnxiong, New Classic of Mountains and Seas 3, 2013-2017, video animation, 30'
  • QiuAnxiong, New Classic of Mountains and Seas I, 2007, 3 channel video installation, 15’00”
  • QiuAnxiong, Temptation of the Land, 2009, video, 14’
  • QiuAnxiong, Minguo Landscape, single channel video, 14’ 2007

Qiu Anxiong was born in 1972 in Sichuan province. He graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts in 1994. In 2003 he graduated from the University Kassel's College of Art in Germany after six years of studying both contemporary international art and traditional Chinese culture. Now he is teaching in East China Normal University. His works employs different kinds of mediums including animation, painting, installation and video, etc. Representative works are animation film New Classic of Mountains and Seas, Temptation of the Land, Minguo Landscape, video installation Staring into Amnesia. He founded “Museum of Unkown” in 2007, which is an active power in the ecological construction of contemporary arts in recent years.


Qiu Anxiong’s recent work consists largely of paintings, animations, and video installations. In the 2006 piece The New Classic of Mountains and Seas, for example, Qiu employs multitudes of ink drawings and links them together in an animated form. The title itself refers to the ancient Chinese mythology Classic of the Mountains and Seas. Besides investigating the interaction between ancient and modern Chinese culture, this work and others like it have a dreamlike quality: the clearly delineated images framed by unbelievable narratives faithfully depict the absurdity of the world around us. This link to the everyday further enhances the political value of the work, which engages in a damning criticism of environmental degradation, social breakdown, and massive urbanization. Unlike younger artists, Qiu Anxiong does not indulge in the personal pleasures of the everyday, but rather takes the undifferentiated mass of history as his raw material.




Born in Sichuan, China, 1972
1994 – Graduated from the Sichuan Art Academy, China
2003 –Graduated from Kunsthochschule of University Kassel, Germany
2004 – Now Work and live in Shanghai.
2007 found an experimental project ”Museum of Unknown”, organized many event and exhibition and discussion of Art and Science and other academically area.


Solo Exhibitions


New Classic of Mountains and Seas, MAB (Modern Art Base), Shanghai

Of Mountains and Seas, Boers-Li Gallery, New York


New Classic of Mountains and Seas, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing


Return, July Art Space, Shanghai


E-Motion, Galerie Enrico Navarra, Paris
Qiu Anxiong, Wooson Gallery, Daegu, Korea


Qiu Anxiong - New Classic of Mountains and Seas Part 2, Aken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark


Historical Landscape, Marabini Gallery, Bologna, Italy


Animated Narrative Crow Collection of Asian Art Museum, Dallas, Texas, U.S.A
Zoo, OCAT Contemporary Art Museum, Shenzhen
Portrait – Cover and Clean, Marabini Gallery, Bologna, Italy


Zoo, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing
Qiu Anxiong: New Classic of Mountains and Seas - Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, KS, U.S.A


Utopia, Arken Museum of Modern Art, Copenhagen, Denmark
Nostalgia, 4A Gallery, Sydney, Australia
About -New Book of Mountains and Seas, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China
Temptation of The Land, Barbara Gros Gallery, Munich, Germany


Nostalgia, Bund18 Creative Center, Shanghai, China


Staring into Amnesia, Boers – Li Gallery, Beijing, China
Qiu Anxiong, Museum of Contemporary Art, Tokyo, Japan
Minguo Lanscape, Grace Li Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland


Animation and Painting by Qiu Anxiong, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong
Qiu Anxiong Selected Works, 37SECONDS PROGRAMME SEVENTEEN, Big Screen Liverpool, UK


Decoding Time-Shredding Narratives, mixed median exhibition, Bizart Art Center, Shanghai


Painting by Qiu Anxiong, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong


Selected Group Exhibitions


Crisscrossing East and West, MOCA Yinchuan, Yinchuan

Chinese Summer, Astrup Fearnley Museet, Oslo, Norway


Show and Tell: Stories in Chinese Painting, Metropolitan Museum of Art
Art Review Asia Public project, Shanghai West Bund Art Fair, Shanghai
“Shan shui Within”,MOCA Shanghai,
“Scarcity and Supply”, the 3rd Nanjing International Art Festival
Baijia Lake Museum, Nanjing
Shanghai Project”, Himalaya Museum, Shanghai


Landscape in motion, Cinematic Visions of an Uncertain Tomorrow, Kunsthaus Graz, Austria
Lumière! The Shanghai 21st Century Minsheng Art Museum, Shanghai,
Heterop-Entity, Myths, Narration, and Imagineation, E Museum of Contemporary Art
Shanghai Ever, Shanghai Moca,
Teetering at the Edge of the World: Reading the Chinese Contemporary, EspaciodeArteContemporeáno(EAC),Montevideo,Uruguay


Aura of Poetry, MOCA Shanghai, Shanghai
"Gasträume 2014" - Public Art in Zürich, Zürich City, Switzerland
PANDAMONIUM - Media Art from Shanghai, MOMENTUM Art Space, Berlin, Germany
“Re-View”, Long Museum, Shanghai
“Social Meditation - Goodman from Sichuan”, performance project of Museum of Unknown, Germany Culture Center Shanghai
Translated Concussion-Chinese New Media Art Techniques and Practice since 2000, Museum of Contemporary Art Chengdu
Inventing the Possible. Video Library 2, Jeu de Paume, Paris
POST POP: EAST MEETS WEST, Saatchi Gallery, London
We Love video this summer, Pace Gallery, Beijing


Ink Art, Past as Present in Contemporary China, Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Reading, Leo Xu Project, Shanghai
Public Project in Bahnhof Zurich, TableauZurich
The Origin of Dao: New Dimensions in Chinese Contemporary Art, Hong Kong Museum of Art
The Moment, We Awe , Hokgojoe Gallery, Seoul, South Korea
Lent Art”, Museum of The Unknown, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum(Power Station), Times Art Museum , Guangzhou


Nostagia,East Asia Contemporary Art Exhibition, Shanhai MOCA
Social Meditation,Museum of Unknown, Aike Gallery, Shanghai
Diversity in Harmony, 5Art Gallery, Guangzhou
The 7th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
1st Animation Film Festival Xi An, Xi An
Shadow film festival, Paris,
4th Ink Art Biennale Tai Pei,
Wandering Eyes-Video Art from Shanghai, Landesgalerie, Linz, Austria
Ink Painting Exhibition from China,Art Museum of Hubei,Wu Hang
See/Saw, project of Museum of Unknown,UCCA Art Museum, Beijing
1st Animation Biennale Shen Zhen, OCAT Art Center, Shen Zhen,
OMEN2012-New Chinese Art, Art Museum of Shanghai, Shanghai


Paradise Lost - Istanbul Modern Art Museum, Istanbul
Moving Image in China1988-2011,Mingsheng Museum, Shanghai
Chengdu Biennale, Chengdu
Pattern-Vortex-Encounter, Museum of Unknown, Space Station, CAFA
Museum, Beijing, Time Art Museum, Guangzhou
Oscurita- Collateral event of the 54th Venice Biennale
Campo SS.Giovanni e Paolo, Castello, Venezia
Coral, Museum of Unknown, MOCA Shanghai
Decoration, Museum of Unknown, Arrow Factory Space, Beijing


29th Sao Paulo Biennale, Sao Paulo, Brasil
Living in Evolution, Busan Biennale, Busan, Korea
Nanjing Bienale, Nanjing, China
Artists’Videos - Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, Canada
Chinese Film Days - Stiftelsen 3,14, Bergen
The Seat of Meditation-Museum of Unknown, Art House, Shanghai
Culture(s) of Copy Goethe-Institut Hongkong, Hong Kong, SAR
Trailer - Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing
FAX - Para/Site Art Space, Hong Kong,


In Between Realities and Fiction - Animamix Biennial Beijing Today Art Museum, Beijing
City_net Asia 2009 - Seoul Museum of Art (SeMA), Seoul
Shanghype! - Hyde Park Art Center, Chicago, IL, U.S.A
The 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art (APT6)
Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane, Australia
2nd Biennale Thessaloniki, Thessaloniki, Greece
Uncanny world in Volk and Asia Contemporary Art, MOCA Hiroshima


Other, 11th Cairo Biennale, Cairo, Egypt
Zeichen im Wandel Der Zeit, Chinese contemporary ink painting, Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, Staatliche Museen zu, Berlin
Mediations Biennale, Poznań, Poland
We Are the World, Contrast Gallery, Shanghai, China
Farewell to Post-Colonialism, 3 Triennial of Guangzhou, Guangzhou, China
Art Unlimited, Art Basel 39, Basel, Switzerland
Revolutions: Forms that Turn, 2008 Sydney Biennale, Sydney, Australia
Crystal Painting, Osaka International Art Museum, Osaka, Japan
China Power Station: Part 3, Grand-Duc Jean Museum of Modern Art, Luxembourg


3rd Lianzhou International Photo Festival, Lianzhou
Video Lounge, Kunsthaus Zuerich, Switzerland
China Power Station Part2, Arstrup Fearnleys Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, Norway
Animation Painting, San Diego Museum of Art, USA
Animated Histories, Noga Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
Chinese Ink Painting, Guan Shanyue Museum, Shenzhen, China
Contemporary Visual Art Project SA 2007, The Contemporary Art Centre of South Australia, Australia
Art Lan@Asia, Yokohama ZAIM ART CENTER, YOKOHAMA, Japan


Hyper Design, 6th Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Entry Gate: Chinese Aesthetics of Heterogeneity, MoCA Envisagel, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai, China
The Twelve, Chinese Contemporary Art Awards, Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China
China Independence Film Festival, Paris, France
Restless, Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai
Chaos City, Universal Studios-Beijing (now Boers-Li Gallery), Beijing, China
China Power Station, Battersea Power Station, Serpentine Gallery, London, U.K
Revival: New Ink Art Shanghai 2006, Zhu Qizhan Art Museum, Shanghai, China
Yellow Box, Contemporary Art in Chinese Space, Shanghai, China


Gift, Modern Art Gallery of Hangzhou Normal College, Hangzhou, China
East Wind - West Wind, Creek Art Center, Shanghai, China
Scapes: The Century and Paradise, 2005 Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu, China
Retrospective Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, China National Museum of Fine Arts, Beijing, China
Mahjong: Contemporary Chinese Art from the Sigg Collection, Kunstmuseum Bern, Bern, Switzerland


Four Corners, Singapore Tyler Print Institute
Exhibition of Celebrating 20 Years of Hanart TZ Gallery, Hongkong Arts Centre
24 Artists from Germany and China, Alexander Ochs Gallery, Beijing
Mensa, Alexander Ochs Gallery, Beijing


New landscapes, New Portraits- Shen Xiaotong, Qiu Anxiong, Hanart TZ Gallery Hongkong
From China with Art, The Exhibition of Contemporary Chinese Painting, Galeri National Indonesia, Jakarta


1st Chengdu Biennial, Chengdu, China


Tale of two Cities, Asia Contemporary Art Gallery, London, U.K
The Chengdu Movement, Canvas International Art, the Netherlands
The Land and See, Hanart TZ Gallery, Hong Kong


Paintings of Chengdu, National Art Museum, Beijing, China



2006 Chinese Contemporary Art Award.


Selected Public Collection

Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York
Museum of Modern Art, New York
Spenser Museum, Kansas University
Museum of University Oxford
Kunst Halle Zurich
Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Art Museum Hong Kong
Astrup Fearnley Musum of Modern Art