Spring News

Spring News Chen Shaoxion , Hou Yong , Liu Chuang , Qiu Xiaofei , Qiu Anxiong Chen Shaoxiong will participate in the exhibition Up Close, Far Away at the Heidelberger Kunstverein in Germany from 13 February to 26 April 2009. Hou Yong will be featured in a solo exhibition at Galerie Paul Freches in Paris from 26 February to 11 April 2009. The show, entitled Water, will feature new work in the artist’s series of water paintings. Liu Chuang’s work will be featured in the New Museum exhibition The Generational: Younger than Jesus, which will include work by international artists born after 1976. The show will run from 8 April to 14 June 2009. Qiu Xiaofei’s solo exhibition of new and recent work entitled Invisible Journeys at the Doosan Gallery in Seoul, Korea has been extended to run until 26 March 2009. Qiu Anxiong’s work, including the train installation Staring into Amnesia, will also be featured in the exhibition Utopia at the Arken Museum for Modern Art in Copenhagen, Denmark from 6 February to 22 November 2009. end that viewers come in the early- to mid-afternoon, and encourage calling first to maximize the potential of your visit. If you require more information about the exhibition or have any general queries please contact us Tel: +86-10-6432-2620 Email: info@www.boersligallery.com Web: www.boersligallery.com