Open Up – a New Space for Art

Open Up - a New Space for Art

Exhibition time: November 25, 2005

Artists and architects are asked to make a proposal for UniversalStudios - beijing
Invited are

Monica BONVICINI, artist (Berlin)

Joep van LIESHOUT/AVL, artist (Rotterdam)

ZHU Pei, architect (Beijng)

WANG Wei ,artist (Beijing)

Open Up faces the new reality in the Beijing artistic landscape: what are the conditions for an art space in the 21st century and what are the aims to focus on. .

The concept of an art space has a strong western background. It is 'modernistic' because of the implicit ambition to open up the society for boundless artistic production of universal values. It is conceptual in the sense that it has its roots in the sixties at the moment the artistic avant garde was looking for 'free space' not limited by representational public or market oriented private interest.

In Open Up different issues are tackled: What are the new, local bound circumstances, what are the physical, architectural parameters to work with, what are the conceptual or content related ones. What does public and private means in this context, what kind of organisation is needed. And of course what is the artistic involvement and ambition.

Open Up is an ongoing exhibition with a panel discussion and lectures in UniversalStudios - beijing.
Open Up - a New Space for Art


Discussion and lectures
Friday 25 November 2005 Discussion: FAN Di'an, LENG Lin, Karen SMITH, ZHANG Wei, moderator PI Li
Friday 02 December 2005 Lecture: AI Weiwei
Friday 16 December 2005 Video Screening of art works by JIA Zhangke and WANG Jianwei


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