• 48min58sec before Sunset, 2011, Five channel video, 48”58”, 5 editions,
  • Horizon, 2011, Single channel video, 5”49”, 5 editions,
  • Out Is, 2011, Single channel video, 2”04”, 5 editions,

Lei Benben

In Gallery 2, Lei Benben (born 1977 lives and works in Beijing and Fuzhou) will show 3 of her new films. In a conceptual, descriptive format – an objective camera position, with no narrative– the films address the “un-spectacular,” such as a seascape, a pouring water spill, or a sun set. In the words of the artists: “Trivial things around you are easily to be overlooked, but it is there, filtered in clear and beautiful pieces, revealing affable secrets of nature.”