Hou Yong

Drowning A Hou Yong Solo Exhibition Boers-Li Gallery is pleased to announce that we will be presenting the debut solo show of young Beijing-based artist Hou Yong. Entitled Drowning, the exhibition will be on view from April 26 to June in the gallery showcase space. Hou Yong, originally from Beijing, graduated from the second painting studio of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1999. His practice consistently seeks to discover the best possible method for expressing the self through painting. For the last three years, Hou Yong has devoted his efforts to the series entitled Water. It is a group of almost colorless paintings of waves so devoid of features that they are almost dizzying. Through these images, Hou Yong expresses his search for form; that which appears in these paintings is the time-consuming and unknown nature of the artistic project itself. Standing against the large-format canvas, the artist becomes subject to optical illusions, himself seemingly falling into the picture plane—such is the anxiety of creation. Through the exhibition Drowning, the past three years of Hou Yong’s artistic development will be displayed for the viewer. For both artist and audience alike, the experience promises to be an aesthetic journey permeated with a sense of the passage of time. If you would like more information about this exhibition or have any general questions, please contact us. Tel: +86-10-6432-2620 Email: info@www.boersligallery.com Web: www.boersligallery.com