Boers-Li Gallery is delighted to present “B-Hopping*”, an all-female artists group exhibition by Michele Abeles, Pan Shuwang, Sun Yitian, Yuan Keru and Amalia Ullman, whose work span artistic mediums from paintings, photographs, sculptures, light-signage, video-installation to live performance. The exhibition will be on view from April 20th to June 2nd, 2019. 


Conceiving the gallery space as a shopping mall - one of the most frequented public spaces for social interaction and consumption, this exhibition aims to explore the shopping mall as a site of imagination, where the various aspects of consumption, such as, artificial materials, consumer psychology, fashion, and fictional narratives inform and redefine our identities. Since women are the primary influence on consumer spending, these five female artists’ critical positions articulate alternative iterations to the often skewed notions of gender profiling, as well as their tactile relationship to the present day ubiquity of consumption. The ground floor conjures the essential features of such site, shops, atriums displays, advertisements, models and etc., while the staircase and the second floor lead to the entertainment section of the establishment.