Armory Show 2010

Armory Show 2010-Booth 928, Pier 94 Boers-Li Gallery   

Date: 3 March-7 March, 2010 Time: Wednesday-Sunday Place: Piers 94 Booth 928, New York City, USA

Liu Chuang,Qiu AnxiongLiang Yuanwei,Song Kun

Following its successful New York debut last year, Boers-Li Gallery will again participate in the Armory Show, this year held 3-7 March 2010. We will be located at booth number 928 on Pier 94. The gallery presentation will include new Chinese art functioning within the global conversation on the contemporary condition, ranging from emerging young figures familiar to New York viewers to influential members of the older generation of Chinese conceptual artists.

Liu Chuang, born 1978, was featured in the New Museum's landmark exhibition "Younger than Jesus" with his piece "Buying Everything on You," for which he purchased the sum worldly possessions of new arrivals to a labor market in boomtown Shenzhen. His work also derives from institutional critique, hacking into the infrastructure of the museum and gallery world to offer an interesting perspective on the work of hidden systems in the register of the everyday. Qiu Anxiong, born 1972, works in a large variety of media: paintings, drawings, prints, animations, and video installations. His work is strongly influenced by classical Chinese philosophy as well as Chinese ink painting, which he interprets through his formal European training as a hybrid practice that bridges styles across history and geography. His most significant landmark works are his painted animation landscapes populated by creatures derived from sources as varied as ancient Chinese mythology and controversies over genetic alteration, creating a universe faced with social and environmental problems resembling those of our contemporary moment.

Liang Yuanwei, born 1977, works in photography, painting, and installation to articulate the sites of beauty and oppression within the semiotics of the everyday. Following on last year’s presentation at the Armory Show, Liang Yuanwei shows her latest work from a series of oil paintings entitled “A Piece of Life.” Painted in a painstaking process of concentration and repetition, her paintings  take the patterns and prints of the artist’s own clothing and fabric as its original source. Also shown is a series of photographic works conceived as a kind of diary that re-inspects the subtle points of ecstasy and torture that make up the fabric of existence, involving themes of discretion, secrecy, interpersonal communication, domesticity, and the affect produced therein.   Song Kun, born 1977, hailed as one of the most promising young female artists of her generation, examines in her works the minutiae of daily existence. She works within a surrealistic dreamscape derived in equal parts from her life as a young woman in changing urban China and the imagined fantasies that grow out of it. She portrays an inherently individual perspective by collecting the concerns, fears, desires, growth, happiness, and confusion of daily life: the fleeting, innermost feelings of her generation. Revealing in this respect is the series of portraits shown this year at the Armory Show, the meaning of which lies in their description of both the physical and the emotional aspects of the human expression; they represent, perhaps, a sugar-coated protest against contemporary life.

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