Arco08 Date: 13February-18 February, 2008 Place: Madrid, Spain   Boers-Li Gallery is pleased to announce that it will be participating in Arco08, the contemporary art fair held annually in Madrid, Spain, from 13-18 February 2008. This year, we will be showcasing a new sculpture work by Liu Wei. Liu Wei’s works are often satirical and humorous; the artist’s practice is also uniquely varied, working in video, installation, drawing, sculpture and painting. There is no one defining stylistic tendency which ties his work together, rather throughout Liu’s work lies an engagement with peripheral identity in the context of wider culture; his works often describe a sentiment of excess, corruption, and aggression reflective of cultural anxiety. The sculpture on display at Arco is a large, polished steel cube measuring two meters on an edge and weighing approximately one ton. Each face is composed of a series of ever-smaller frames superimposed over each other, lending a general impression reminiscent of the composition of Liu Wei's “Outcast” painting series. The artistic vocabulary is that of the non sequitur; the sculpture appears as some kind of extraterrestrial object mysteriously displaced to the space of the art fair. This awkwardness calls to mind the marginal position of the outsider thrust into a new social context, an association that is reinforced by the jarring detailing of the sculpture. Ultimately, the sculpture represents a visualization of Liu Wei's recent conceptual work. If you would like more information about this exhibition or have any general questions, please contact us: Tel: +86-10-6432-2620 Email: Web: