Qiu Anxiong at MOCA Yinchuan

The exhibition “Crisscrossing East and West: The Remaking of Ink Art in Contemporary East Asia” which is curated by Mr. Cha Chi Jason WANG will be put on display at Museum of Contemporary Art Yinchuan during June 18th to August 20th 2017. 27 It is equally crucial how the artists deal with the problematics of ink art. Through the use of heterogeneous materials, concepts, and formal techniques, how the artists achieve conceptual transformation creatively. Besides denoting interchange between Eastern and Western cultures, “Crisscrossing East and West” as the theme of the exhibition also calls for broader visions and insights to widen the realm of ink art.

Stones from other hills may serve to polish the jade of this one. From diversity to pluralism, artists who come from different backgrounds and traditions are invited to gather here in Mainland China, specifically at the MOCA Yinchuan to reflect upon the works of one another. It is hoped that through such encounters, in tertextuality as well as in tertextual relationships can be established to help enhance the aesthetic remaking of contemporary ink culture.