• Sky Curtain No.1, 2018, acrylic on canvas, 200x300cm
  • Lotus, 2017 - 2018, oil on canvas, 120x90cm
  • Lotus, 2018, oil on canvas, 60x60cm
  • The Last Trip, 2017 - 2018, oil on canvas, 150x250cm
  • XXX Series, 2016, watercolor on paper,39x54cm
  • XXX Series, 2016, watercolor on paper,39x54cm

Tie Ying


Born in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, China

Works and lives in Beijing, China.


According to Tie Ying’s definition, painting, which describes an action, is a summary and statement about things in the world. An untrammeled painting language is used not to invent something new, but to extract, reinvent, and exaggerate the languages already existing in the history of painting. It is also probably an act of deconstruction— to disconnect those classic scenes traditionally related to one another, so that each painting has more of an independent existence.



Graduates from the oil painting department, CAFA, Beijing, China


1996 -1998

Visiting scholar at the Royal University of Fine Arts, Stockholm, Sweden


Solo Exhibitions


Landscape and Apple, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China



Hypnosis, H.T.Gallery, 798, Beijing, China



Masses, Element Space, Singapore



The World Is Yours, Plus One Space, Beijing, China



Backfire - Showroom Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland



State Power, Photography Exhibition Marlborough Chelsea, New York, USA



Morass of Reverie - Oil painting Exhibition, CAFA, Beijing, China


Selected Group Exhibitions


On Paper, Boers-Li Gallery, Beijing, China

Summer Group Show, Boers-Li Gallery, New York, US



What you do not desire – Photography exhibition, OFOTO Gallery, Shanghai, China.



Another day everything will become true, Photography Art Exhibition,Yingart Center, Shanghai, China.



Poly Art Up International 1st Art Fair, Beijing, China.            



Artist grope exhibition, Poly Auction, Four Season Hotel, Beijing, China

2nd Abstraction Grope Exhibition, Hongkun Museum, Beijing, China

New Abstraction: Chapter 1 - Hadriendemontferrand Gallery, Beijing, China



UCCA - Art Toronto Art Fair, Toronto Canada

CDS art gallery Show, Copenhagen, Denmark



Scope Basel 2011, Fang gallery, Basel, Switzerland.

CDS art gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Singapore Stage art fair, Fang gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia



CDS Art & Visibility, art gallery for contemporary art, Denmark.

CDS Art & Visibility at Nordic Art Fair - Art Copenhagen 2010

BAZAAR ART JAKARTA 2010 - Indonesian Art Fair, Jakarta, Indonesian.



House Arrest - Showroom Mai 36 Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland

Asian Contemporary Art Consortium, Asian Society Artists in Conversationprogram 2008 at Sotheby’s New York, USA.



Distance Estimated by Eyes Photography of Eight Chinese, Shenzhen, China

ShContemporary 2007, Marlborough Gallery, Shanghai, China

China International Gallery Exhibition, Marlborough Gallery, Beijing, China

The International Asian Art Fair, New York, USA



A3 - art Fair, Paris, France.

China International Gallery Exhibition, Marlborough Gallery, Beijing, China

The International Asian Art Fair, New York, USA



Group show of Photography at 798 Time Space DaShanzi Art Zone, Beijing, China

The First Book - Group Photography Works show at Art Scene China Gallery, Shanghai, China



First place of the country, documentary photography works

2nd Roma International Photo Festival, Roma, Italy

No Problem - Ten Young Photographer, Aura Gallery, Shanghai, China




aZure collection, Monaco, Zurich

DSL Collection, Paris, France

Chinart Collection, Zurich, Switzerland

Prince Albert II, Monaco

PALM Collection, London, England

Barclays Wealth Monaco, Monaco

Marlborough Fine Arts Inc. New York, USA




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