• Tang Pinggang, Untitled, 1988, oil on canvas, 70x90cm
  • Tang Pinggang, Untitled, 1983, oil on canvas, 89x68.5cm
  • Tang Pinggang, Untitled, 1987, oil on canvas, 90x75cm
  • Tang Pinggang, Untitled, 1989, oil on canvas, 89x89cm
  • Tang Pinggang, Untitled, 1977, oil on paper, 19x27.5cm

Tang Pinggang Estate

1955 born in Beijing 

2014 passed away


Solo Exhibition 


The Lone Guardian, Sky MOCA, Beijing, CN 


Tang Pinggang Abstract Expressionist Paintings Exhibition, Music Hall Gallery, Beijing, CN 


Group Exhibition 


The Un-Officials Art Before ’85, Boers-li Gallery, Beijing, CN 


Apartment Art in China 1970s-1990s: The Ecology of Post-Cultural Revolution Frontier Art, Shuimu Contemporary Art Space, Beijing, CN 


1st Group Exhibition of Chinese Professional Painters, A Mang Na Gallery, Beijing, CN 
Beijing Contemporary Painting Exhibition, China Daily Gallery, Beijing, CN 


Graffiti Exhibition of Ten Artists, Chaoyang Theater, Beijing, CN (closed down by police) 


Beijing Abstract Expressionist Exhibition of Five Artists, Beijing, CN 


1st Underground Abstract Painting Exhibition, Zhang Wei’s home, Beijing, CN


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