• 1981 Beijing “It tastes just so-so,” a young man in the Forbidden City comments on Coca-Cola.

Liu Heung Shing

Liu Heung Shing is a former foreign correspondent and photojournalist who from 1978-1998 was posted to China, the U.S., India, South Korea, and the former Soviet Union.


In 1992, Liu shared the Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography with other staff of the Associated Press, and in 1991, he received the Overseas Press Club Award for the coverage of the collapse of the Soviet Union. In 1989, Liu’s image of a defining moment during the Tiananmen turmoil was awarded Picture of the Year by the Jury of the School of Journalism at the University of Missouri. In the same year, Liu was named best photographer by the Associated Press Managing Editors.


Liu is the author of the widely acclaimed “ China After Mao”?Penguin,1983?and “Soviet Union: Collapse of an Empire”?Associated Press,1993?. His latest book is “China, Portrait of a country” (Taschen, July 2008) for which he served as an editor.. In 2005, Paris Photo named Liu as one of the 100 most influential people in contemporary photography.


Liu’s work was exhibited at the “100 years of Forbidden City International Photography Festival” in October 2004. He also held a solo exhibition “Collapse of the Soviet Union” at the Hong Kong Arts Centre in 1994.


Liu graduated from Hunter College of the City University of New York in 1975 and is now based in Beijing, China





Photojournalist for Time Magazine, opening the Time Magazine bureau in Beijing, China



Chief photojournalist for the Associated Press in Beijing (1979-1983), Los Angeles (1983-85), New Delhi (19851-89), Seoul (1989-1990) and Moscow (1990-1993)



Founding editor-in-chief of The Chinese / <<中月刊>>, a Chinese language life-style monthly magazine, widely distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong and China


1997 (October) to 2000 (August)

Chief rep. for Time Warner, based in Beijing, China


2000 (September) to 2005

Executive Vice President of corporate communications for News Corporation (China), Beijing. China


2006 to the present

freelance photographer and project manager, focused on special edition photography publications


Selected Solo Exhibitions 


“Liu Heung Shing’s China”, St Moritz Art Masters, St Moritz, Switzerland
“China Dream, Thirty Years”, China Art Museum, Shanghai, China


“China After Mao: Seek Truth from Facts”, Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Caochangdi, Beijing [no cat. but the exhibition coincided with the release of the Chinese language edition of China After Mao: <<刘香成:毛以后的中国1976-1983>>]
“China After Mao”, Coalmine Gallery, Winterthur, Switzerland [no cat.]
“China After Mao”, special feature exhibition, Lianzhou International Photography Festival, Lianzhou, China


Selected Group Exhibitions 


“Contact: Photojournalism since Vietnam”, tenth anniversary exhibition of Contact Press Images, exhibition conceived and organized by Robert Pledge, July, audio/visual presentation at the Rencontres d’Arles, Arles, France; August, International Photography Congress, Rockport Opera House, Maine, USA [no ex. cat. but Contract Press Images produced The First Ten Years: Contact Press Images, published by Camera International / Contrejour, Paris, 1986]


“Contact: Photojournalism since Vietnam”, International Center of Photography, New York, USA


“Contact: Photojournalism since Vietnam”, October, Shanghai Museum of Art, Shanghai, China; November, National Museum of History, Beijing, China


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“China: 50 Years Inside the People’s Republic”, Jan. 15 – March 26, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario, Canada; April 12 – June 18, University of California Berkeley Art Museum, California, USA


“China: 50 Years Inside the People’s Republic”, winter, Minneapolis Institute of Arts, Minneapolis, USA


“China: 50 Years Inside the People’s Republic”, Sept. 18 – Nov. 17, Lowe Art Museum, University of Miami, Miami, USA


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“China; Portrait of a Country”, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China (HS Liu also curator) [no ex. cat.]


“China”, Casa Asia, Barcelona / Madrid, Spain (HS Liu also curator) [ex. cat. special edition China, Portrait of a Country, with Liu Heung Shing’s Three Toughs as cover]


“Les femmes d'influence dans la société chinoise: de l'audace aux succès (1911-2012)”, Maison de Chine / China Institute, Paris, France [ex. cat. ]
“China in Liu Heung Shing’s Eyes”, AO Vertical Space, Hong Kong [no ex. cat.]

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“Best Photographer 1989”, awarded by Associated Press Managing Editors, USA


“Picture of the Year”, awarded by University of Missouri, USA. For coverage of the Tiananmen Incident (Couple under the bridge at Jianguomen Qiao)


“Overseas Press Club”, New York, USA. Awarded for coverage of the Soviet Union


“Pulitzer Prize for Spot News Photography”, New York. For coverage of the Soviet Union


ParisPhoto magazine, Paris, France, named Liu Heung Shing one of the 100 most influential figures in contemporary photography.