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陈劭雄 Chen Shaoxiong
陈彧君 Chen Yujun
方璐 Fang Lu
冯国东 Feng Guodong
噶德 Gade
龚剑 Gong Jian
吉磊 Ji Leil
雷本本 Lei Benben
廖国核 Liao Guohe
刘窗 Liu Chuang
刘香成 Liu Heung Shing
陆扬 Lu Yang
马可鲁 Ma Kelu
欧劲 Ou Jin
邱黯雄 Qiu Anxiong
仇晓飞 Qiu Xiaofei
宋琨 Song Kun
王卫 Wang Wei
王郁洋 Wang Yuyang
谢正莉 Xie Zhengli
薛峰 Xue Feng
杨心广 Yang Xinguang
曾宏 Zeng Hong
詹蕤 Zhan Rui
张培力 Zhang Peili
张伟 Zhang Wei

Wang Yuyang
Artificial Moon
Various energy-saving lightbulbs, steel frame
400 cm sphere


Wang Yuyang
Dust to Dust


Wang Yuyang, born in 1979, is an accidental new media artist. Interested in obsolete technology, an aesthetics of the broken, and material waste, his practice involves highly conceptual installation, photography, and video. Recent works have carried on the tradition of the post-sense sensibility generation, employing humorous and pseudo-spectacular tactics to interrogate the relationship between body, experience, and cognition. His work has been shown in major exhibitions and festivals across China and Europe.